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TecKnow puts YOU back in control by connecting wireless TECHNOLOGY with KNOWING how it can work for you. Our smart living ecosystem foundation relies on your VOICE, a superior WIFI geofence, and the power of the SUN to efficiently run your home.

Technology is moving faster than ever, largely due to the smartphone revolution just 10 years ago, and it's hard to keep up. TecKnow is changing the interface from a heads down, fast thumbs, pounding at a screen experience to a superior, intuitive experience. Your voice will issue the commands to your listening technology to process multiple actions that otherwise would require more time and energy to achieve, thus ensuring processes are done accurately, efficiently and timely.

The vision of TecKnow and our personal technology concierge team, working in conjunction with leading tech giants, is to build the home or office infrastructure of the future. Our mission is to implement these new technologies in your home or office, freeing you from the limitations of being tethered to your screen. We customize home automation that works for YOU.

TecKnow designs, installs, programs, teaches, and supports our clients. Let us stay on top of the technology for you so you can focus on what's important. It's our belief that our ecosystem is the future of smart living technology. We're here to engage those who are ready to embrace it today.


Phil Levieff


I've been an early adopter with a passion for technology as long as I can remember. Finding the value added benefits technology brings, whether it be cost, time, energy, or process, has always come naturally. From my early years of building networked gaming PCs, to sharing music from the first MP3 players that evolved into our smart phones of today, I embrace the advancements and welcome the innovation. I explored drone technology very early on, and recently, I shifted my automotive experience to a battery-operated, zero emission, stealth quiet, self driving car that one day could safely drive my children to school.

Over the past year, I have transitioned my home in Fairfield CT to a smart home ecosystem, connecting over 170 devices that simply operate by speaking into my Apple Watch, Apple TV remote, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and soon HomePod . All of these evolving technologies have given me the passion to create TecKnow to help educate, showcase, and transition those who are ready to this incredible new way. One of the local Apple Store team members calls me "Phil of the Future", as he tells me I'm living 5 years into the future. I believe the Future is Now!

Prior to starting TecKnow I spent the last 23 years working for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) as a leader in sales, marketing, and strategy, creating strategic partnerships with the largest private equity firms in the world to help them become more operationally efficient by leveraging innovation, technology and service. 

I grew up in Westport Connecticut, earned my degree from Northeastern University and currently live in Fairfield Connecticut with my wife and 2 children.



Steve Arees


I've been an entrepreneur since opening my first lemonade stand at age 9. Since then I've had several businesses in a diverse set of industries over the years, and I thoroughly enjoy an exciting new challenge. I believe the future of smart technology in the home is now, and building a company that is a great place to work for exceptional talent and delivers a stellar customer experience will make TecKnow thrive.

My experiences in new venture creation, business development, strategy, finance, and operations have helped grow my own businesses or help the various Fortune 500 companies I have worked for/with. My industry expertise has included retail, wireless communications, software, data mining, insurance, and consumer products. I am comfortable conducting business in other countries across different cultures, and I am at my best when there is a challenge ahead with no roadmap.

I grew up in Sudbury Massachusetts, earned my degree from Northeastern University and currently live in Weston Connecticut with my wife and 2 children.



Trish Boyle


I'm a dynamic, self-motivated problem solver with a versatile skill set including excellent presentation and technical skills. With over 22 years of experience in various areas of Management, Marketing, Sales and Media/Graphics Production in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, my status as a "Master Juggler" is finding its highest and best use at TecKnow. During my previous experiences with Silicon Valley starts ups, I managed mulitmedia projects for global giants including Apple Computer, Sony, Virgin Records and Bertelsmann Publishing.



Tatiana Schluep


I have always been passionate and inquisitive in nature. These qualities have lead me to enjoy problem solving, especially that which requires creative solutions. I am also very curious in the sense that I constantly strive to understand the most internal details of how and why things work the way they do. I am especially excited by the implementation of technology into our everyday lives and believe that the relationship between society and its devices should feel seamless.

Through university projects and the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, which I attended in high school, I have gained experience in hands on engineering, artistic design, machining, and project management.

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California and am currently studying Mechanical Engineering as a student-athlete at Santa Clara University.


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Devin Caldwell


Some would say growing up with a father who worked for IBM predestined me for technological aptitude. I personally would credit my inquisitive nature and passion for understanding how things work. 

From an early age I was enamored by computers and what they would do. Whether I was catching Pokémon with my Gameboy or lugging my Xbox over to a friends house for a sleep over, you would rarely find me without a video game glued to my hands.

Fast forward a few years and a couple of design classes later, I landed on Apple’s door step. I spent the better half of the next decade troubleshooting at the Genius Bar. However, my nights at Apple were focused on honing my musical skills and have since dove head first into the world of electronic dance music (EDM) under the moniker Duexo.

Now with a penchant for all things electronic and a keen eye for aesthetics, I lend my talents to Tecknow. Ready to take on the world.