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Governor Ned Lamont is 'Going Green' with TecKnow in Westport, Connecticut

Did you know that the town of Westport, CT is well underway in achieving its goal of becoming a net zero community by 2040?

This is being accomplished by locals (individuals and businesses) sustainably managing energy, water and waste resolutions. Using environmentally responsible solutions, like the TecKnow Smart Living Ecosystem, put home and business owners ‘in charge’ of their environmental footprint. Utilizing two American infrastructure companies, Tesla Energy and Apple Computers, to create seamless automations in conserving energy.

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atHome Magazine: A-List Awards 2019

This year was the 10th annual A-List Awards. Published by Moffly Media, athome magazine hosts this annual gala honoring exceptional home design and architecture projects. It’s the premier design competition in Fairfield County, CT. A region considered the heart of Gold Coast and based on per capita income, ranked sixth in the country. With such affluence comes expectations of the finalists and judges to present the very best in luxury lifestyles.

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