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FEATURE: Westport Magazine, 'The Good Life 2019'

“Living simply doesn’t mean doing without; it means living smart. And that leads to more: more time, more space, more security, more options for a home that works for you. TecKnow, a Westport firm founded by Phil Levieff, specializes in smart tech for today’s (make that tomorrow’s) home. “A light, a lock, a thermostat, a car, a solar roof,” says Kim Burke, COO, “these are all connected devices and can be part of a whole smart-home ecosystem to maximize security, energy efficiency and convenience.”

Home automation now uses the power and efficiency of both cutting edge technology and the sun. “There are a lot of things to consider when incorporating smart devices,” she says, “but at the top is, how secure is the device and what platform does it utilize?” With a master’s degree in cyber security and masterful interest in IoT [Internet of Things] space, she accepted our challenge to name her top five picks for laying a foundation upon which to create a smart home.”

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FEATURE: 'Westport Smart Home Unveiled on May 4'

“On May the 4th 2019, TecKnow, a new smart home automation company in Westport, CT is unveiling its first home powered by the sun and controlled by your voice! A brand-new rental house on Old Mill Beach, built in 2017, is the first to feature TecKnow's groundbreaking holistic smart home ecosystem uniting both Tesla and Apple technologies to create an energy efficient home of the future.

"We find that consumers are getting lost in a sea of smart technology offerings and are looking for a simple, cohesive approach. Whether it is new construction or a retrofit, TecKnow offers a wireless solution and provides our clients with a new way to live that helps them focus on what is most important to them," remarks Phil…”

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