Smart Security Alarm Systems
That Keep You in Control

A Day at the TecKnow Pod in Bedford Square


Have peace of mind that the people and the spaces you love are safe and secure, whether you’re home or away.

Enable security alarms, locks, cameras and motion detectors to be integrated and automated in your home, keeping you always safe and secure. Whether you want to keep an eye on children, aging parents, or when you are traveling, you can communicate with and monitor rooms and entry points from any of your connected devices.


Set up alerts if noise or motion is detected, and trigger automations to lock doors, manage lighting and record surveillance.

Curious if the kids are having a party while you are away? Take a look at the security cameras on your Apple device. All aspects of our security platform are wire-free, saving the hassle and expense of opening walls and patching sheetrock. We offer security & safety, with ease and control, to always provide peace of mind.