Building or transitioning to a smart living ecosystem can provide you with convenience, security, efficiency and cost savings that enhance your every day life... and it's pretty cool.


Home and office technologies are improving faster than ever. Controlling your smart living ecosystem has evolved to a wireless, voice controlled hands-free interface – leveraging your existing smart phone for all your connected devices.


TecKnow's Smart Living Ecosystems rely on the vision, passion, experience, and expertise of two of the largest Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure companies in the world, Apple, and Tesla. This 'Future is Now' infrastructure, coupled with partner companies supporting the below categories, will redefine how the world is built for generations to come. 


TecKnow's service delivery model can be customized to your needs – from an à la carte package to a full, voice controlled, home automation suite. Our ecosystems provide time, cost and energy savings, utilizing state of the art technology that evolves with you.


The 1st TecKnow model house is in Fairfield, Connecticut.
Built in 2007, the home is 4800 sq ft. with a 2000 sq ft underground innovation lab.


182 Connected Devices   |   24 Zones   |   18 Customized Scenes   |   16 Home Automations

Running latest hardware and software as of 5/30/18. Air Play 2 Live and is a Game Changer!

116 Smart Lights

5 Smart Thermostats (Health, Control, Power, Security)

2 Smart Locks (Security, Power) 

10 Smart Wall Switches

1 Smart Outdoor Switch

1 Smart Ceiling Fan (Health, Energy)

1 Smart Cat Tracker for Milo (Security/Health)

1 2014 Macintosh 


1 Smart Air Quality Sensor (Health)

2 Smart Garage Door Openers (Security, Power)

1 Smart Alarm System (Security, Power, Health)

5 Smart Security Cameras (Security, Power)

1 Self Driving, Stealth Quiet, Zero Emissions, Battery Operated, Tesla Model S (Infrastructure, Health, Security, Power) 

1 Tesla Solar Roof Scheduled (Infrastructure/Health/Energy/Power)

2 Tesla Powerwall 2's Back-Up Online!(Infrastructure/Health/Automation, Power) 



2 Apple Watch 3's with LTE (Health/Control/Security/Power)

1 Smart Scale (Health)

4 4K Apple TVs (Entertainment/Infrastructure/Security, Power)

4 Smart Dimmer Switches 

15 Smart Motion Sensors (Security)

2 iPhone X (Infrastructure, Security, Power)

5 Apple Homepods (Personalized Home Aggregation/Automation and Data Protector) Online and Rocking the House!

5 Lightsabers

The Force...



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